Deployed Troop Support

A great number of the over 450,000 service members currently deployed abroad have solid family support systems, while many of them, unfortunately, do not. Being deployed abroad can also lead to loneliness.


Friends Of The Troops attempts to befriend and provide a source of consistent support to these men and women who are serving our country overseas and may be serving in harm's way. They deserve our respect and admiration.


Cards and care packages sent from the states remind our service members that people back home have not forgotten about them and that they are appreciated for all they do.

Stateside Troop Support

It is not unusual for many of our active duty troops to be posted somewhere stateside but far away from their friends and families. Many Americans forget that our volunteer military is made up of men and women who have set aside their lives to provide our safety and security here at home.


Currently, over 850,000 of our service members are stationed somewhere stateside. This group also consists of reserve and guard units. They often face loneliness and need encouragement. These service members are the most neglected group by other charitable organizations.


Friends Of The Troops is proud to provide support to this greatly under-served part of our military through the sending of cards and occasional care packages, new baby support and Holiday family support.

Veteran Support

Friends Of The Troops believes that every Veteran who served our country honorably should be shown appreciation for his or her service, especially those who never received a proper "welcome home".


We support Veterans through our cards program, homeless support and other special projects. We are also a proud supporter of the Honor Flight Network and Honor Air and actively participate in their mail call programs.


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Friends Of The Troops is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law.

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